Chef Johnathan McGrain

Johnathon McGrain developed a deep passion for cooking when he was about 16 years old. He started his first job in a corporate restaurant environment and quickly worked his way up the ranks. Johnathon attributes his fast-tracked success to the work ethic instilled in him from working on his family’s farm. Once Johnathon realized how much he truly thrived by being in a kitchen, he began a job at Battlefield Appalachian Brewing Company. Within a year, Johnathon was promoted to kitchen manager, where he studied under award-winning chef Trey Davidson.

Johnathon said he takes pride in creating new flavors and dishes.
“I want to intrigue people with combinations. I want to make dishes that are as equally delicious as they are unique.” Chef Johnathon is also a big fan of farm-to-table dining.
“I had a salad the other week that I think changed my life. I’m not even kidding,” he joked.
He has a garden at home that he uses for his own fresh ingredients. At the Inn, he brings that same farm-to-table taste with fresh herbs and home-grown vegetables from a local farm.

Despite running kitchens for most of his adult life, coming into a hospitality environment created a unique learning experience for him.
“This is more hospitality than I have ever done before. I used to be behind the scenes, but now I am more of a face than just someone in the back. It’s fun! I enjoy meeting our guests and learning about their lives and travels.”

Johnathon’s favorite thing to work with in the kitchen is fresh vegetables, and finding new ways to use them in unique combinations. He is also building his skills by focusing on the art of scratch baking.
“I love making things from scratch with the most simple, and best ingredients,” he said.

In his spare time, Johnathon can be found constructing his own home, kayaking, taking care of his animals/rehabbing the ones that find him (he’s truly an animal magnet), gardening and spending time outdoors.