Hours of Operation

We will be open  for dinner Tuesday through Thursday 5:00 to 8:00 p.m; and 
Friday and Saturday 5:00 to 9:00 pm. 
Sunday Brunch from 10:30-1:30pm

 We remain available for group reservations (twenty or more people) for any day and any time.


A Brief History of the Historic Fairfield Inn

First, there was a void. Then in six days everything was created.  Plants formed, animals came out of the sea to frolic, Pangaea split up, the glaciers created the Great Lakes, Charlton Heston presented the Ten Commandments, and Vasco De Gama left Lisbon to find India. THEN, in 1755, Squire Henry Miller purchased property right here.  First we were in Maryland, then (after those rascals Mason and Dixon surveyed the situation) we became Pennsylvania. This is one of the five oldest continuously operating Inns in the entire country and is the oldest and most authentic Tavern and Inn in the Adams County area.  The original part of the Inn was built nineteen years before those firebrands signed the Declaration of Independence, fifteen years before Ben Franklin invented lightning, and 24 years before John Hanson was elected to become the first President of the United States (Google it). The Inn may have hosted many luminaries, to include Patrick Henry, Thaddeus Stevens, General James Ewell Brown Stuart (who came here in 1862 to “requisition” 700 horses), Robert E. Lee (by some accounts), baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Plank, Mamie Eisenhower, actress Jean Stapleton, and now you.

For many years, the Inn was known as “The Mansion House,” and was a well-known summer resort and honeymoon hotel.  Guests were met at the Fairfield Rail Station (no longer in existence) and brought by surrey (fringed, of course) to the Inn. Rides to the top of Jack’s Mountain were enjoyed year round. John became the 27th owner of the Inn in April of 2013 and is having fun running the place when the employees allow him. We welcome you and hope you enjoy yourself.

What to Expect

What’s with the coins on the walls? Are there ghosts in the closets? The bathrooms have been updated since 1757… right? Do the rooms have TVs? Will I have my own bathroom? Find out the answers to these questions and more right here.


People come to the Historic Fairfield Inn from all over the world. Find out how to get here, here!